Intelligent Planning with SAP IBP

More turnover, lower stock, better service levels, working more efficient and decision making based on the correct and always available data. It almost sounds too good to be true. The world around us is becoming increasingly complex and customers expect top speed and high service. How do we meet the expectations of our customers and keep costs low while keeping our stock levels optimal? Is this utopia or is it closer than everyone thinks?

From separate processes to an integrated process

With intelligent planning we introduce a new way of S&OP, in which we move away from separate monthly processes without follow-up. Towards an integrated planning that works. Why? Because it’s a planning that is actually used by our customers. Because it adds monetary value for the business. Because it can increase turnover as well as reduce inventory. In addition, it offers more insight into your business than ever before. 

Your path to Supply Chain Excellence

How it works? We have taken the latest planning module from SAP: IBP. And enriched it with all our customer experiences and McCoy specific content. This is supported by a robust integration model that meets the requirements of today, but is ready for the world of tomorrow.

And finally, we have set up a beautiful reporting layer there that provides direct insight into the state of affairs in your business.

This is how we will get started with you

SAP IBP is a module that allows you to get started quickly and optimize your supply chain in no-time. McCOY has developed some best practices that enable you to integrate IBP into your organization step by step. Within 2-3 weeks you can already use the benefits of IBP:


  1. CONFIGURE: We configure our demo-environment with your dataset for the Supply Chain capabilities and innovations you’re looking for. To reach this goal, we clearly delineate together the dataset you want to use and the capability you want to implement or improve. With this clear goal setting we can quickly run a baseline on what IBP can deliver for you, which will then be in successive cycles adapted and optimized to your expectations. 
  2. RUN: A certified IBP Consultant executes the technical runs and checks to assure the system runs correct and creates a baseline plan that will be reviewed with you.

  3. SIMULATE:The client defines the what-if scenario’s that needs to be analyzed to simulate their impact on supply- and demand from a quantity and revenue perspective. The certified IBP consultant ensures the technical availability from the listed scenarios for your review.

  4. ANALYZE:The client defines the expected visualizations and dashboards. A certified IBP consultant does the technical setup in IBP Analytics and dashboard App for the clients review.  The premise here is exception based management via the use of custom alert functionality that is integrated with the analytics and dashboard functionality.

  5. RESPOND:The IBP certified consultant analyses together with the client the different options. Based on this analysis the client makes proactive decisions on detected possible disruptions within his supply chain network in alignment with the strategic goals and release the final plan to operations for execution.


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